The framework of Webinars Series

  • Participants Profile: A selected group of Managers / Leaders
  • Batch Size: 15 – 20 participants
  • Webinar Sessions: 06
  • Duration per Webinar: 120 minutes
  • Frequency of Webinars: Once a week / Twice a week on fixed days

Pre Webinar:

  • Temporary WhatsApp / Email group will be created to communicate and keep all the participants engaged with the process.
  • Reading material related to the topic will be circulated.
  • Video clips/links relevant to the topic will be circulated.
  • WhatsApp / Email group will be exclusively and extensively used for sharing views, learning and learning implementations.

During the Webinar:

  •  Each webinar is customised for the needs of the organisation and profile of participants.
  • To involve participants webinar platform chat box will be used for sharing views and interact with participants.
  • Paper – pen activities will be conducted for effectiveness.
  • Each webinar starts with a short quiz to check the learning retention of the previous webinar.

Post Webinar:

  • At the end of each webinar, assignments are given to participants.
  • Participants share their work in the WhatsApp / Email group.